Our Approach

  • Underwriting at Lloyd's is generally considered to be high risk.
  • And within Lloyd's some syndicates are much riskier than others. However, our research has shown that members of Lloyd's do not have to take the highest risks in order to obtain high returns.

Our approach = Less risk + Same return or better

  • Optimising the risk and reward balance is our main objective.
  • To do this we focus on quality of underwriting and manage exposure to higher risk business according to market conditions. In spite of being relatively cautious as market conditions have become more competitive, our clients' results have nevertheless tended to be as good as or better than those of our competitors. We put this down to our highly selective approach. Our clients' portfolios have defensive qualities that experience has shown do not hold back performance. 'High risk, high return' may be the usual catch phrase, but the portfolios we prefer are better described as 'less risk, same return or better'.

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