Track Record: Risk

In accordance with our theme of "less risk, same return or better", our clients' portfolios, in 2019 for example, are shown to be less risky than average by several of the methods used.

Syndicate portfolios for the 2019 year of account Members' Agents' average Newton Follis
Weighted average syndicate Economic Capital Assessment (ECA) 57.80% 53.20%
NM Property reinsurance business 21.60% 22.90%
Catastrophe syndicates 9.00% 6.10%
Top 8 supported syndicates 69.80% 83.90%
Number of syndicates* 21 13

*Number of syndicates representing 1% or more of clients' aggregate capacity

  • The ECA rating is based on Lloyd's risk based Economic Capital Assessment, the empirical measure that allows Lloyd's to determine how much capital each syndicate must provide as security for its underwriting.
  • Non-marine property reinsurance business is mainly natural catastrophe exposed business.
  • We focus on quality. Newton Follis reviews each syndicate and provides recommendations in its annual House View document. Continuous research and analysis allows us to judge which syndicates by our criteria are of the highest quality and represent the highest standards of underwriting.
  • We are highly selective and because of our focus on quality tend to recommend portfolios that contain fewer syndicates.

Risk table: Newton Follis database.

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